Hand made snowshoes available at Indian Country Sports

Snowshoes on Sale at Indian Country Sports

If you are looking for a Yooper gift, look for snowshoes—a real yooper item!

Snowshoes come in all sizes and materials for different conditions. You can ask Tammy or Ashley about the best snowshoe for your purpose. Have our experts fit you for the proper snowshoe to maximize your enjoyment. After all, the wrong snowshoe could make your trek less desirable.

Indian Country Sports stocks high-quality snowshoes, and some of them are manufactured right here in the U. P.

Some of the brands we sell include Tubbs and Iversion snowshoes.

Snowshoes from Indian Country Sports, Lanse MI

Simply call 906-524-6518 or come and visit us at Indian Country Sports. We are happy to help you.