Ice Fishing TeePee is Engineered and Manufactured in the Upper Peninsula for U.P. Ice Fishing Conditions

The Ice Fishing TeePee is an engineering marvel. It is designed for comfort for two people.There is plenty of space for a portable heater, and your fishing equipment and supplies.

This shelter is made from rugged 8oz canvas, and made right here in the Upper Peninsual of Michigan. It's a true Yooper product. This Ice Fishing TeePee will shelter you from the storm and keep you warm and dry. It has plenty of space for all your gear and it is built for two. This will be the last ice fishing shelter you will buy, and you will probably hand it down to you kids, and they to their kids. It is rugged and tough and lightweight. It's an engineering marvel.

The TeePee folds down small enough to put into a simple sled. Learn more about it by downloading this brochure.

Ice Fishing Teepee from Indian Country Sports L'Anse MI

This popular Ice Fishing TeePee is available for purchase online here.

Quality construction of the Ice Fishing TeePee, designed for tough U. P. conditions, will allow for many years of reliable use.