Indian Country Sports building in L'Anse, MI

Keweenaw Bay has World Class Lake Trout Fishing

Keweenaw Bay will produce Lake Trout,Whitefish, Salmon, Herring, and Smelt. Huron Bay will do the same along with a few Walleye, Perch, Lawyers and nice Northern.

Local fishing methods include bobbing with a traditional Käppu (geboo) set up with wire line, a heavy jigging lure, and bait and of course our unique TeePee tents. This method catches the big ones on Lake Superior. Keweenaw Bay on Lake Superior is known as the Lake Trout Capital.

Kappu (Geboo) Displyed at Indian country Sports

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The Finnish Käppu (geboo) is a traditional hand line. It is used either while ice fishing, or traditionally over the side of a boat. It's used similar to a jig stick, but you have more control of the line, and you simply bring your fish up hand over hand.

The Käppu bobbing stick are strung with 300' of stainless steel coated bobbing line in either black or clear coating.

All complete lines come with a 100# swivel attached and ready to fish. Just add 10' of monofilament, a leader, your jig and some bait. and you are ready to fish!