Mathews Bows, Cross Bows, and Archery Supplies at Indian Country Sports

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We've been in the archery business from the beginning with long bows all the way to the most modern compounds to crossbows and everything in between.

We have an extensive line of accessories to get your bow set up properly and shooting correctly. The service we do to set your bow up for you is free of charge if you buy your new bow from us. We have access to almost any bow or accessory on the market.

From shooting sports to personal protection, get expert advice on your next purchase.

Archery and Mathews bows at Indian Country Sports L'Anse MI

We stock from the better archery manufacturers:

  • Mathews
  • Mission
  • PSE
  • ExCalibur
  • Ten Point
  • Wicked Ridge
  • Gold Tip
  • Carbon Express
  • Easton

    Handguns at Indian Country Sports L'anse MI

    We can also special order unique items. Simply call: 906-524-6518, or come in and visit us at Indian Country Sports. We are happy to help you.